Studies show that the cost of the care of their loved one is the top concern of families. It is essential to us to be able to offer programs that families are able to afford. 

In the Apartment and Suite Styles, Core Members will pay 41% of their SSI/SSDI (and possibly a portion of their employment income) as a Program Fee.  Just like living in an apartment complex, Core Members are expected to pay for their utilities, food, and different preferred services (like a cell phone). Stewards that live on-site in this model receive free housing.

In the Family Living and Family Plus models, Core Members will retain $100/month for spending money and pay the remaining portion of their SSI/SSDI to CASS Housing for all of their living expenses and Steward salary. For many Core Members, not all monthly expenses incurred by CASS Housing are covered by the Program Fee, but no family will be denied if they are unable to contribute the difference. Additionally, we will work with families to create a sustainable trust fund. To learn more about this process, click here.

The program fee covers all aspects of home life: rent, utilities, home maintenance, transportation, household entertainment, and food. Sports memberships, art activities, cell phones, eating out, etc. will all need to be paid for on a personal basis. 

Due to the demand for services, there is a waiting list to be a part of CASS Housing. If a person or group of families prefer or need immediate assistance, there are additional costs. Due to the uniqueness of every single family's situation, it is recommended to meet with David to go over all available options.