Core members

The Core Members are the heart and soul of CASS Housing.

"The term 'Core Member' was originally coined by L’Arche, an international federation of people with and without intellectual disabilities who share live and work together in community. It comes from the Latin word for heart (cor) and refers to members who have intellectual disabilities and form the heart of the community."

Core Members who live together form a Home Group. As opposed to a program that operates on random placement, it's vital that friends are able to live with one another. It's incredibly important that families join together and have a shared vision of what life in the home looks like. The creation and selection of the Home Group allows for the best possible life outside of the family home.

All people deserve to be safe. 

All people should be able to decide where and with whom they live.

All people deserve to be around people that they enjoy and love.

This is why CASS Housing exists.