Developing a system that supported parents and families with loved ones with disabilities was one of the original catalysts for the creation of CASS Housing. 

It has been shared a number of times that many parents are hoping that they outlive their children so that they don't have to worry about who their child is with or what could happen to them. No parent should have to come to this place.

Yet, at the same time, parents encounter friends, relatives, people through their congregations, and staff members through waiver providers that have this burning passion to love and support their children. These aren't strangers. They're family.

All parents have a list of people that if they passed away, these people would happily step in and provide love and support their child. There had to be a way to support those people. That's how the Steward position was created.

Even though CASS Housing employs the Stewards, families are the ones that select them. Families are the ones that monitor quality control. Families work together as a team, consulted by CASS Housing, to create a system that works for that home.