There are many, many questions surrounding the creation of a truly customizable long-term housing and support solution for just one person, let alone thousands across a single region and millions nationwide. CASS Housing seeks to create the most efficient system that allows that customization to take place on a person-to-person and home-to-home basis.

Understandably, there is a lot of content to consider. In addition to the other information on this website, there are three important items to review.

There is a 1 hour video of a town hall meeting that was held on 2/27/16. This is helpful to learn the background of the organization and what all will be offered by CASS Housing. All of the material referenced in the video (sample budgets and the different forms) are available to download and review. The budgets can be edited so you can see what your specific situation could look like.

Sample Core Member budget
Sample household budget
Organizational budget
Situational tests for Independent Living homes
Volunteer opportunities
Steward compensation determination form


The best thing to do is to schedule a time to meet with David to go over your specific questions and concerns. You can contact him at 260.376.2262 or email at david@casshousing.org.