"How do I know my child will be safe?"

This sentiment has been expressed by so many families when confronted with the idea of their loved one moving out of the family home. Multiple layers of accountability are built into the CASS Housing model in order to proactively and directly address this concern.

First, families and the Core Members are the ones who choose the Steward who is living on-site or in the home. The Steward isn't just a staff person. They're basically family. The Steward is someone who has an already deeply vested interest in the health, happiness, and safety of the Core Members in the home. You can learn more about their role here.

Next, families, Core Members, and CASS Housing work together on creating the household rules. Key areas of concern like medication storage and administration and management of personal finances have been developed with professionals offering best practices to keep Core Members and Stewards safe.

Next, just like any other family relationship, parents, siblings, and others are encouraged to come, visit, and share a meal. There's great accountability in the house when more people are engaged in the regular flow of a home. Open communication between all the parties is essential.

Additionally, every Core Member will have their waiver support team which consists of a Case Manager, Program Manager, staff members, and possibly others. Each of these roles have responsibilities to the state as mandated reporters and have other requirements that must be completed under the waiver system.

Finally, home adaptations will be made whenever necessary. Special door locks, LED lighting connected to smoke detectors, or wheel chair accessibility are all examples of home modifications.

Even though safety can mean and look different from one person to the next, CASS Housing is able to adapt to specific situations to best suit the needs of the Core Members.