Stewards are what make CASS Housing different from any other service or program available today. 

A Steward is a person who is charged with the task of caring for something that is not their own.

Something of value.

Someone of value.

This caregiving position isn't about preservation. It's about growth.

Stewards don't step into the role because they need a job. They step into the role because they can't imagine a better a way of living.

The Steward is an independent contractor or employee of CASS Housing. However, the Steward is someone that has an already established relationship and vested interest in the health, safety, and happiness of the Core Members in the home.

Even though CASS Housing employs the Stewards, the Core Members and families are ultimately the ones who judge the performance of the the Stewards.

The work of a Steward can and will be remarkably difficult at times. But great is their reward.

The term Steward has been borrowed from Share Foundation, an organization with a similar mission and vision as CASS Housing.