A housing solution that doesn't have sustainability at the forefront of its development isn't a solution at all. We aren't just interested in making sure our organization is financially stable, but that families have a plan in place that works for them.

One key financial tool that many families don't know about is a special needs trust fund. Though all aspects of a trust fund can not be covered here, there are remarkable benefits for families, just like a 401k or Roth IRA. The fund is held by the family (or appointed trustee), is never controlled or managed by CASS Housing, and can be funded upon the death of the Core Member's parents. The dividends of the trust fund, in conjunction with SSDI, can create a completely self-sustainable living situation. 

Families do not need to worry if they haven't saved hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars for the long term support of their loved one. Though every situation can be vastly different from one to another, the value of the trust is significantly less than what most families believe is needed in the CASS Housing model.