Independent Living model is for Core Members who are already living independently or could be with minimal support. For these Core Members, the primary issues around moving out are housing affordability and safety. They are able to cook, clean, take their medication without issue, and wake up on time for work or other responsibilities. Concerns regarding paying bills, reminders to go to the doctor, or similar issues can all be addressed based on the strengths and needs of the individuals. Safety accommodations will be at the forefront of the development of each home.

Due to city zoning ordinances, Core Members have a kitchenette-a sink, microwave, toaster oven, refrigerator, etc. There is a shared full kitchen and gathering space. The Steward has their own attached unit-formally classified as an "Accessory Dwelling Unit" (mother-in-law suite). These homes are classified as single-family dwellings and can be located throughout the city.

Independent Living

The Family Living model is for Core Members that need daily support or for Core Members who could live independently but choose to live with others. In this model, essentially new family units are created. Stewards live in-home and are a part of every aspect of day-to-day life. The Medicaid waiver program is not used to fund any aspect of CASS Housing which will allow great levels of customization based on the needs of the Core Members. Everyone will be able to retain their normal routine of going to work, day program, or 1-1 time with staff in the community with the use of their preferred waiver service provider. Through the admissions process, weekly household routines will be reviewed.

The focus of this model is to build upon already established friendships and social networks. For a group of friends that went to school together or have been a part of a recreational league, it is important for parents and those Core Members to keep these relationships intact. Random placement into a home with strangers will simply not happen.

Lastly, there are a number of people that require 24/7 support. For some, they may already be living in a group home or waiver home. For others, they have the funding to move away from the family house, but the family isn't happy with the available options. And for others, there are medical and/or behavioral concerns that are so significant that waiver service providers are unable to offer the level of support needed. Many families in these situations go through an enormous amount of turmoil regarding long-term care options for their loved ones. We hope to offer a model specifically for those in this situation.

The Family Plus model seeks to build on the already established waiver system. The Steward lives in-home just like the Family Living model, but serves much more as a household manager, directing the waiver staff to create continuity of care while providing high levels of accountability.